Frequent Questions

Ordering in 3 easy steps:

1.- Approve a design.

Email your logo or artwork and our team will put together a couple of custom demos with your information. Choose from portrait or landscape layouts. Make any revisions necessary to achieve the design that will suit your needs.

To achieve a superior quality print, consider sending your artwork at a high resolution (300 dpi) also send them in the following formats: JPG, BMP (Windows Bitmap), EPS, PSD (Photoshop), AI (illustrator). If you don't have your artwork at a high resolution you can email it and we can optimize it for better results.

Send logos to

2.- Email photos and information.

Send all the information that the badges will contain such as photos, names, titles etc.

Photos: Can be emailed as an attachment.

Quality and format:  Any Digital Camera of 1.0 Megapixel and up will take great pictures for your badges. If you use a modern Digital Camera, take the pictures in a medium quality setting so that the files created won't exceed 1 MB in size. Rotate the camera in a 90° angle to get portrait type pictures. When taking pictures try to use a white or light color background and avoid using the zoom in the camera for better clarity.

Employee information: Information can be sent in a spreadsheet or a text document. See examples below.

3.- Approve a draft.

Once all the information is submitted we will generate final proof of your order for review and approval. Sample proof.



All information gathered on the web site, phone or email will be only used to conduct business at your request. We don't send unsolicited email, sell or share information with other companies. Occasionally we will send you an email to announce new products or price changes. All information collected (photos, names etc.) will only be used to produce badges at your request, it won't be used for any other sales or marketing prepossess.

Payment is required before your order is shipped. We accept all mayor credit cards as well as Pay-pal, cashier's or company check.